Jun 2, 2012

Providing care in medical offices today- Strengths and challenges

A new report from the Medical Office Survey on Patient Safety Culture shows that teamwork and follow-up of patients are strengths of medical offices. The survey however identifies that work pressure and pace are areas for improvement.
The medical office survey is conducted by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and looks at approximately 24,000 staff from more than 900 U.S. medical offices. The survey is designed to measure the culture of patient safety in medical offices from the perspective of clinicians and staff.

The majority (84%) of respondents who were surveyed reported good teamwork among staff and clinicians. They also reported high follow-up rates with patients (82%). However, only 46% were positive about the work pressure and pace in their offices.

Being a pediatrician, I found it especially interesting that medical offices that only specialized in pediatrics had the highest average overall rating on quality and patient safety. OB/GYN had the lowest average overall rating.

- Ulfat Shaikh

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