Oct 30, 2015

Essential Qualities of Healthcare Leaders: The Four T’s

Dr. Catherine DeAngelis was practicing clinical quality improvement much before it became a buzzword in healthcare. It was my pleasure to host a reception on behalf of the UC Davis Women in Medicine and Health Sciences Program for Dr. De (as she is usually called) during her recent visit to UC Davis.

Dr. De is a remarkable role model on many levels for healthcare improvers, especially those who fall into my specific demographic of women in academic pediatrics and public health. She has been a nurse and a pediatrician, whose first faculty position was at the Columbia College of Physicians in New York in the early 1970's. There, she worked on improving healthcare systems in Harlem and Manhattan utilizing physician-nurse practitioner teams. She felt that nurses were often underused, and that they had the ability and training to work with physicians as a team and contribute more substantially to healthcare.

When asked about the essential qualities of leaders, she spoke about four traits that served her well