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My visit to the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland... In which I delve deeper into the intriguing history of barber-surgeons

“All things change except barbers, the ways of barbers, and the surroundings of barbers. These never change. What one experiences in a barber’s shop the first time he enters one, is what he always experiences in barbers’ shops afterwards till the end of his days.”  - Mark Twain, in About Barbers.
All I learnt about barbers from Mark Twain was about to be proven wrong during my up close and personal tour of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), graciously provided by Frank Donegan, Head Porter of RCSI.

A big thank you to my gracious hosts, Siobhán McCarthy and Ciarán O'Boyle from the RCSI Institute of Leadership. It was fun talking to your students and faculty about building a career in health care quality improvement and patient safety.

The historic RCSI building on St. Stephen’s Green was seized by rebels of the 1916 Easter Rising. Reminders of the revolution can still be seen here in bullet holes in the façade of the building and in a door that I found myself standing too…